Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Time to get cranking for 2012!

I've felt really off since just before christmas, a nasty cold had me laid up for two weeks, and it 's never *quite* gone away. Every time I've had a couple of good days, where I've felt strong on the bike or down the climbing wall, it's been followed by a couple of days of lethargy where any sort of training just feels so hard. I've picked up some niggling injuries again too, which hasn't helped, but if I'm honest with myself, a big part of it also seems to be motivation.

Last winter I quite enjoyed getting in the gym and trying to get strong, this year I just haven't. I had a great year in 2011, pushing boundaries I'd hoped I would, but didn't really know if I could - and as any junkie will tell you the bigger the high, the bigger the comedown. I haven't been on real rock since September, and I've got a bad case of Plastic Adjustment Disorder.

So, what to do about it? Well, I've no intention of getting clean, and there's no point sitting around London in withdrawal, so it's time to do like any un-reformed junkie would... go get fucking high!

At the weekend I went out and bought myself a nice big diesel estate car, and if there's a dry crag within 10 hours drive next weekend, I'm going to be on it!

My new Craggin' Wagon

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  1. That's right mister! What the hell! Let's get some real climbing done!