Friday, 6 April 2012


After a couple of months of only trad climbing, I'm off to Finale Ligure this weekend for a sport climbing holiday. I couldn't risk putting in any training beforehand, what with the recovering from overtraining and all that - but I figured I'd better wake my arms up a little bit to what's coming so I went down to the westway on Wednesday evening for a couple of hours of bouldering.

This was a mistake.

48 hrs later and my forearms are on fire.

Ah well, DOMS shouldn't stop me climbing - it probably means I'll have to take it easy in the first couple of days though if I want to climb right through the whole week.

It's highly unlikely I'll manage to persuade myself to take it easy, but we shall see. If all else fails, I know I shall eat well and drink well in good company by the beach :-)

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