Friday, 19 September 2014

Fear over Hope

Yesterday Scotland had it's future in it's hands, and decided to give it away again.

We could have decided to vote for change - to leave what remains of the faded British Empire with its ever-rising inequality and try to build a fairer, more socially responsible democratic society - but we didn't have the stomach for it.

And it was more than just that.

The world was watching while we decided whether to stand up and send out a message, load and proud, that we would reject the neoliberal political consensus that dominates Westminster, and the morally indefensible foreign policy that comes with it.

That message was drafted to say:

  • We will no longer allow weapons of mass destruction to be berthed in our lochs, threatening the children of other nations, at the expense of hospitals and schools for our own.
  • We will no longer commit our troop's lives to the endless invasions of foreign countries in wars for resources and strategic gain.
  • We will no longer be a part of radicalising the middle east and producing the next Isis.
  • We will no longer place the god of the market above the equality of our society.
  • We will no longer agree with the dogma that every man should fight tooth and nail to climb the ladder of personal financial success, whilst labeling those who can't follow as scroungers.
  • We will no longer support a system that sees the poorest in society bearing the brunt of an austerity package aimed at recovering a crisis no fault of their own, while those who caused it continue to reward themselves handsomely.

Instead, after a No campaign dominated by claims of economic uncertainty, the message we sent was simple:

  • We'd rather be party to all of the above than risk losing a few quid.

The world is not really watching Iceland's quiet revolution, but they would have had to watch ours. The chance to make a real mark on global politics was there, and now it's gone.

Yesterday I walked to the polling station full of hope, with my head held high.

In the early hours of this morning, I hung my head in shame.

Scotland the not-brave-enough.

Food bank queue

Image of trident sub

Oil wars

Isis killers


Child poverty

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